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This week's featured albums . . .

pearl jam: dark matter

This week's featured albums . . .

oasis: definitely maybe

This week's featured albums . . .

the cranberries: everybody else is doing it so why can't we?

This week's featured albums . . .

real estate: days

This week's featured albums. . .

kills: keep on your mean side

more music . . . not less

It is my simple belief that humans should create more music. They should buy more music and we all need to listen to more music. All moments tied to music have something that is memorable. The first concert or maybe your first vinyl record. Your favorite side, whatever it is, we all love to talk about these times and about music. The connections that are made through music and the energy and love it creates is priceless.

My mission is to further the cause of getting music into the hands of the people so we can all celebrate its' beauty.

This site will become a platform for consumers to talk about music and share their stories and moments with others.

Vnyl Confessions will provide exceptional service by shipping and communicating in a timely manner.

Dirt - Alice In Chains Unplugged - Alice In Chains Once Upon A Christmas (140 Gram Vinyl, Reissue, Download Insert) - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Mtv Unplugged 1993 - Stone Temple Pilots Sap (Extended Play) - Alice In Chains

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